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pawn.2al.ru Создание диалогов и 3d тестов Оценка: ***** 1 Голосов

Пользователь офлайн   Romzes 

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Pawntools is a page with tools to help to programming visual (front-end) in SA:MP.

PT have a basic tools created in jquery to a fast and comfortable preview, is a simple interpretation of the some SA:MP graphics.




* The dialog creator stores the job in the URL, so you can save the url and then continue working on the dialogue, and even pass the url to a friend to see our work and even other person can collaborate.

Example: http://pawn.2al.ru/?q=dialogs&sub=DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX&titulo=Hello&mensaje=This%20dialog% 20was%20created%20by%20Zume

* The dialog maker have three buttons, to add the backspaces: \n, \t and to add color. The buttons set the character or color in cursor pos.

* The dialog maker have a simply character count, this counter have a colored indicator string count.

* Show the output without problems:

new str[43+1];

format(str, sizeof(str), "%sПример диалогового типа DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX", str);

ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 1631, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Привет, это {fff000}имя!", str, "Принять", "Отменить");

* in the image animated, shows how would our text in 3d image.



Zume и Romzes

Пользователь офлайн   carlincv 

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My name is Carlos Victor and I am Brazilian, I am 17 years old and I would like to get in touch with the owners of the site SA:MP Tools for a PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese) translation and other languages, I believe that if you have a translation the reach will increase.

My Discord: Carlos Victor#6045

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